At a Glance

The Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN) is a partnership among colleges and universities with a focus on using technology in a way that puts public interest at the forefront. This offers the UVA community the opportunity to use data in the best interest of the public by DESIGNING, DEVELOPING, and DEPLOYING responsible, equitable and ethical technology for the public good.

"Public interest technology refers to the study and application of technology expertise to advance the public interest, generate public benefits, and promote the public good."

David Eaves, Kennedy School, Harvard University; Ed Felten, Computer Science and Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University; Tara McGuinness, New America; Deirdre K. Mulligan, School of Information, U.C. Berkeley; and Jeremy Weinstein, Political Science, Stanford University

In the News

Justice and Equity in Technology Policy

The University of Michigan has just launched a free online course on Justice and Equity in Technology Policy.